Low Cost Jam Center

New mixes:

It's So Funny (Mix 3)

Still in the works:

Josh's Tune T1

And another:

Rise Up Again (Instrumental Studio Version Mix 1)
Rise Up Again (Take 1)
Rise Up Again (Take 2)

This tune is childishly aggressive since it's about a place my friends would go to as kids.  It was by a highway viaduct and some train tracks.  A mini forest with bike paths that kids had carved out through heavy usage.  We called it "The Savageland" because we could go wild there and nobody ever bothered us:

The Savageland (Demo Version)
The Savageland (Band Version)

Here's a guitar verse and chorus with possible melody I whipped out on 1/23/06.  (It's unpolished so be merciful):

At Your Request

Here's a pretty raw experiment with some layered guitars.  The intro's too long.  It took me a while to get going.  I'm not sure if it lends itself to lyrics or not.  Maybe you'll find something there:

Roadtrip To Nashville

Here's some guitar ideas that I think lend themselves to melodies:


Here's something from Mark that has possibilities

Two Out Of Seven

These are cover tunes we're recording for a demo just in case we want to play out.

Back In The USSR (MP3) - Completed.

3am (MP3) - Completed .

Talk Shows On Mute (MP3) - Completed .

Vertigo (MP3) - Completed.

Back In The USSR
Higher Ground
Synchronicity II
Times Like These
American Girl
The Boys Are Back In Town
The Middle
Walking On The Moon
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