Laura Kleinschmidt

I've played with Laura in a couple of bands.  She pulled together a CD's worth of original music and recorded them with two bands:  one rock and the other more acoustic.  I consider her music inspirational Christian music that spans many different styles including pop, rock, gospel, folk, and others.  The thing I like about her music is that she brought in many different musicians and instruments to create rich textures and it features her beautiful voice and tasteful use of metaphors in her lyrics.  The chord changes have a lot of emotional depth and make for a fantastic backdrop for her highly charged melodies.

Let You Drive
There Is One
See Through To You
All About You
Come To Me
I Will Pray
Trust And Obey

Versions without Vocals:
Let You Drive (Backing Vocals Only)
Let You Drive (Instrumental)
Vivid (Backing Vocals Only)
Vivid (Instrumental)
There Is One (No Lead Vocal)
Security (Backing Vocals Only)
Security (Instrumental)
See Through To You (No Lead Vocal)
All About You (No Lead Vocal)
Hope (No Lead Vocal)
Come To Me (No Lead Vocal)
I Will Pray (No Lead Vocal)
Trust and Obey (No Lead Vocal)
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January 24, 2009