3 If By Air - My band that plays rock from the last five decades in clubs throughout the Chicago Northwest suburbs.  The site includes some demos recorded in my studio.

Broken In - Another band I am in that plays Christian rock with touches of other styles.  Go here for more info

Kristin Berryhill - A very talented singer who recorded four songs for a  wedding.

Laura Kleinschmidt - Laura has a beautiful voice and writes inspired Christian songs that range in style from folk, to pop, to rock, and beyond.  The thing I like about her music is that it is light-hearted and based in personal experience with tasteful metaphors.  The chord changes are richly emotional and make for fantastic backdrop for her highly charged melodies.  For more info, go to:ttp://

Orion Pax - An original band with a very unique style.  They are a rock trio with very creative songs.

Quasimojo - The fun four piece rock band that didn't make it much past their 12 song demos.

- My rock band trio that didn't make it much past one CD of original material.  The web site is named after this band.

Low Cost Jam Center - we do originals and covers and may be playing out sometime in the future.

Tao Jonz - My rock band in the 90's.

Artificial Intelligence - My rock band in the 80's.
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