My first CD of all of my own original material.  It was intended to be a start of a band that this web site gets its name from.  With help from Mike Petrie and Richard Jaques-Dirkes, I put together 11 songs.  The project was completed in 2003.

01 - Warm Feeling
02 - Open It Up
03 - Little Dream Rising
04 - Good Thing
05 - Standing In The Shadow Of A Black Spot On The Sun
06 - To My Wife
07 - Present To Win
08 - Truest You
09 - Judgements
10 - Subdude
11 - Talk To Me

If you are interested in finding out more about these songs, go here.

Here are some old demos from the '80's that were recorded on a 4-track cassette deck:
Fear In America
Heaven In Our Love
Sit Down
Somber Side
Isn't There Anything That I Can Do
US Supreme Court
Time Of Crisis
Common Ground
All The Other Life
I Sing It To You
We Fit In The World
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