Tao Jonz

Jim Bruce - Vocals, Bass
Ron Ryan - Drums, Vocals
Paul Bell, - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Remixes of Do It Yourself Art:
1.  No Love Is 4 Sure - Remixed in 2008
2.  Never Worry
3.  Again
4.  The Violin
5.  Stay
6.  Vast Unknown
7.  Lake Shore Drive - Remixed in April of 2009
Lake Shore Drive was originally intended to be the sound track submission for speed racer. When it was first written I knew the family therapist for the Wachowski Brothers in Chicago. The Bruce family in the UK owns the rights to the franchise interestingly enough.

Do It Yourself Art (Demos)
Jim and I put these together and we started putting Ron's real drums on them, but only completed one which is listed above.
No Love's For Sure
Never Worry
The Violin
Vast Unknown
Lake Shore Drive

Average Industrialists
Probably from the late '90's.  I believe this was recording digitally on ADAT partially in a clubhouse in Gurnee and overdubs and mixing were done in a Chicago studio by Jeff Kowalkowski.
Light Life Love
Black Cherries
No Love's For Sure
Hold On To My...
The Violin
Vast Unknown
I'm The Man
We Know
The Preamble

White Wall
A music meditation experiment from sometime in the mid to late '90's.
Creation Story
Indian Music

Medicine Bow
A cassette recording from the early '90's.
The Preamble
We Know
Lips Like Cherry
Out At The Inn

Early Demos
Mostly done on a 4-track cassette deck in the late '80's, early '90's.
Swami Mommy
Rescue Me
The Last Day
Back 2 Haunt You
Meeting The Maker
The Healing Song
Too Much Too Soon
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